On-line Claims

Save time and end your monthly paper processing headaches!  On-line claims processing via the Internet is here now to make your meal claim processing paper-free!

Now you can do all this on-line:

  • Submit monthly meal claims
  • Enroll children
  • Plan menus
  • Record daily attendance
  • Record meals.

To participate, you will need:

  • A personal computer with a Windows operating system (sorry, not Mac compatible)
  • High-speed Internet connection highly recommended (DSL or cable)
  • Internet Explorer Browser

To sign up, call our office, and we will provide you with a login ID and password via phone or email.

For providers not yet ready for on-line reporting, we will provide training on how to report using scannable forms.

To learn more, go to www.minutemenu.com to get an overview of the system. We think you will find Internet-reporting to be fun and user-friendly.

Call our office with your questions about this exciting new option, and start planning what to do with your free time once you have gone paper-free!*

* Signed enrollment verification forms from parents will be the only paper documents we will still need from you.

WebHX Startup Guide

About WebHX

Minute Menu WebHX is a web application designed to allow child care providers to record food program claim information on-line, quickly and easily.  It works just like a web site.  You will visit a web site, type a login name and password, and then begin using WebHX.   This guide is designed to help you login to WebHX the first time.  Once logged in, on-line help files will show you how to use the web site to record your claim information.

Accessing WebHX

To use Minute Menu WebHX, you must have a 9-digit login name given to you by your sponsor, and you must have a password.   If you don’t have that yet, please ask the appropriate sponsor representative for it.

To log in:
1) Make sure you’re logged into the Internet.  If you dial-up using a modem, be sure to dial up.  If you have DSL or a cable modem, you’re always on the Internet, so you can skip this step.

2) Open Internet Explorer.  Clicking the “e” icon usually found on your desktop can typically do this.

3) In the Address bar at the top of your screen, type this web address: www.minutemenu.com   and click [GO] or [OK].   This will take you to the Minute Menu web site.

4) Click on the “Current Providers” link that you see on the left hand side of the page.

5) This will take you to the secure login page for Minute Menu WebHX.  If your browser presents you with a message indicating that the page is secure, you can just hit [OK] to continue.  Otherwise, you’ll be prompted to supply your login name and password.

6) Type the Login and Password that were given to you by your sponsor.   Remember:  passwords are case sensitive, so if your password was in lower case, make sure you don’t have Caps Lock enabled on your keyboard.  Also, be aware that if you got your password via email, that frequently the lower case “L” and the number “1” look virtually identical:   l   1

7)  Press [Submit]  after you’ve typed your login name and password.  If everything is correct, the system will log you into WebHX and you’ll be ready to record your claim information. 
Quick Login Tip:  Before you [Submit], you may want to add this page to your Favorites in Internet Explorer.  Click on Favorites >> Add to Favorites.  That way, the next time you want to login to Minute Menu, you can just go to that Favorite that you’ve saved in Internet Explorer.
Another Quick Login Tip:  You may also want to click on “Log in automatically next time” before you hit [Submit].  Then, when you go to this login page (by clicking on your saved Internet Explorer Favorite), you’ll be immediately logged in!

8) Once you login, you’ll be presented with the “Loading Portal” page.  This will check to see that your computer can log into WebHX without any problems.  Assuming there aren’t any problems, you’ll see All tests passed.  Just click [Open WebHX] to login immediately.

Login Problems

If you have any troubles logging into WebHX, click on the “Problems logging in? Click Here link you see on the Login screen; or click on the “Need help?  Click Here” link on the Loading Portal screen.  The page that appears will provide a variety of tips to help you resolve any problems you have logging in.  And if you can’t solve the problems with the advice on that page, you can contact technical support in a link included on that page.

After You Login

After you login, you may start using WebHX immediately!  If you have any questions about how to use WebHX to record meals and attendance, please review the help files found on-line.  Click on Help within the Help menu.  Or consult the “New to Minute Menu?  Click Here for help getting started” link at the top of the main menu.

For a step by step guide please download this link WebHX.